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    There are tens and hundreds of thousands of sites that can not be found via search Google or Yandex. This is the shadow part of the Internet. There are such concepts as “Deepweb” and “Darknet”. But about everything in order. Let’s find out how to log into the Darknet from a laptop or computer.
    What is a Darknet and how to get into it?
    The unusual word “Darknet” consists of two English words “Dark” (dark) and “Web” (network). Their meaning suggests that the Darknet is the dark side of the Internet familiar to everyone.
    This is an anonymous network. Its main feature is that you can’t get here from a regular browser.
    Verified, trusted darknet links https://darkweblink.world/how-to-get-darknet-links-with-your-android-and-ios-devices-easily how to access tor network via tor browser.
    Why did we learn about the Darknet only now?
    An interesting question: why is the Darknet becoming popular only now? The anonymous network lives as long as the usual Internet exists. You can answer this question as well. The authorities of all countries have been trying to take control of the Internet (within their own country) for a long time. And they did it badly. We can observe how regulatory services appear at the state level. Laws are being created regarding activities and property on the Internet.
    To get into the secret Internet, you need a special browser — Tor.
    The download is available for PC and mobile platforms, including Android. The browser can substitute your location and IP address, read more about it.
    The search engine DuckDuckGo is installed in the Tor by default. It does not collect any information about you, does not store history and cookies. Which is why there are no search suggestions. If desired settings, you can choose Google, Yandex and other. The Tor browser makes it possible to use regular links from the Clearnet. Your search queries will find familiar sites. And to get into an encrypted network, you need direct links.

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