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    Unlimited traffic Australian IP proxy from FineProxy.
    Why do I need a Proxy in Australia?
    Proxy servers are used to achieve different goals:
    Increased security when accessing the Internet. Proxy takes on DOS attacks, thereby protecting the user’s computer.
    Ensuring anonymity. The visited sites do not know for sure who is calling them.
    Access to resources that are closed in certain territories.
    Speeding up the response from some sites.
    The ability to open blocked resources.
    The principle of operation of a Proxy server in Australia is the substitution of a real IP address. The traffic goes through an additional server with cached data and other data leakage protection mechanisms.
    Unlimited traffic Australian IP proxy from FineProxy https://buy.fineproxy.org/eng/australian-proxy.html
    About the IP address.
    Why sometimes only replacing the IP address gets rid of the problems described above? A real IP address informs websites and applications about your location, which sometimes leads to blocking of the requested resources and even threatens data loss, which cannot happen when masking by using a Proxy server.
    Proxy can be used not only for privacy, but to speed up the response from sites. These include transparent Proxy servers that do not hide the client’s real IP address from the sites and honestly admit that they are a proxy. Transparent intermediaries are relevant for Internet networks in public organizations, for example in educational institutions.
    The most popular are anonymous proxies in Australia. These also notify the requested resource about their status, but do not disclose the client’s IP addresses. In fairness, I must say that not all sites respond positively to such requests. Some refuse to transmit information through an intermediary.
    More cunning are the distorting Proxy servers in Australia, which also do not hide their essence, but instead of the real one transmit the anonymous IP address of the client.

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