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    The AFL Line Bets
    Australia has its own national sport. Betting on Australian football is popular at home as a source of income and entertainment for fans. Betting strategies for this game are standard, but they have their differences.
    Australian football requires more physical fitness than English. Football players are allowed to play more aggressively, but any wrestling is prohibited in the area of the goal. The referee is not involved in the course of the match until the most extreme cases.
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    There is a restriction on moving with a soccer ball – a maximum of 10 steps, then a transfer is made. Physical endurance and reaction speed are important in the game, because a football player runs at least 20 km during a match.
    Personal merits play a lesser role than team play, so there are no favorites here. The effectiveness and coherence of the entire team is evaluated. The tactics of the game can change four times during the meeting, since there are 4 halves in the match, the responsibility in this case falls on the coach and his strategy skills. Therefore, betting on Australian football requires no less complex tactical calculations.
    Australian football matches are not shown on television, but today they can be viewed online on sites with sports broadcasts. The Australian Football League tournaments take place in the spring, so they will not overlap with the games of other leagues.
    This is convenient, because for a correct forecast it is important not to miss a single match of the selected team.

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