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    SMSI.VIP – Virtual number for SMS and virtual number rental
    The most important task of a virtual number is not to miss a single incoming call, not to lose a single potential client. In fact, it is a multi–channel mobile PBX, not tied to a geographical location, which receives calls from anywhere in the country (or even from abroad), and it redirects these calls to real phones of operators, company employees, and individuals.
    A virtual number is a certain service service of telephone companies. Most often, it is advisable to use such a service for firms, enterprises or organizations that give advertisements (for example, about their work, services or products). The subscriber informs his clients (indicates in the advertisement), all calls and SMS come to him, and the real number of the subscriber is not indicated. And the phone company then redirects calls or SMS to the user’s mobile or landline phone.
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    The virtual number has the same codes as the city number.Calls coming to it are received by the Internet provider, redirected to the real office phones.
    Advantages and usability.
    The remote number can be used both for personal calls / SMS correspondence, and for office work – communication with clients, contractors, customers, partners. Companies using this service get many advantages:
    company offices located in different cities can be connected to the same remote address;
    if you change the office address or open new branches, you will not lose contact with customers;
    multi—channel – any client can immediately call the company without delay.

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