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    What does a copywriter do?
    The profession of a copywriter can be attributed to freelancing. That is, it is remote work via the Internet.
    In order to start your career, you need to understand exactly what you will have to do. A copywriter writes unique articles based on existing ones. In other words, this person finds the necessary information on other information resources, gets acquainted with it and rewrites (retells) in your own words.
    It’s like writing an essay or an exposition. Only you will have to comply with all the requirements of customers. Copywriters are most often required to have readable, literate and unique texts.
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    Types of work performed.
    Having started searching for suitable orders, a beginner is faced with such concepts as “copyright”, “rewrite” and “seo-copywriting”. In fact, these are very similar definitions with minor differences.
    Copyright of the text. The performer independently finds sources of information (most often at least 3), on the basis of which he writes his own unique text;
    Rewrite the text. The performer is provided with the text that he must redo. It’s like writing a summary. Sometimes customers do not provide the material. In this case, the copywriter independently finds the information and processes it;
    Seo-copywriting of the text. The performer writes an article guided by several information resources, while inserting keywords into the text.

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