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    NordVPN – Best VPNs for You!
    NordVPN is a well-known VPN service with a powerful infrastructure of thousands of servers around the world. Actively advertised and constantly on the ear. Does not offer a free service plan.
    Here you will find detailed Nordvpn reviews https://vpn.rent/nordvpn/
    Like other services of this kind, it is needed to ensure anonymity on the network, encryption of transmitted data, as well as access to resources that are restricted by various circumstances (blocking by the provider, regional restrictions, etc.). NordVPN has a very large network of 5,900+ servers located all over the planet. Automatic selection of the optimal server will ensure operation at maximum speed, and manual selection will allow the user to have the desired virtual location.
    It is important to mention that the developers promise not to register user activity in any way. This means that they cannot transfer user information to a third party.
    Unlike some other VPN services, NordVPN does not have a free service plan. You can get a one-week trial period when registering via mobile applications (with a paid subscription, which can be canceled during the trial period without debiting funds); registration on the website or through desktop clients requires the choice of a tariff and its payment and does not provide for a free trial period. That is, you can register through the mobile application, and use it on any device.

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