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    InstaNavigation – Anonymous stories viewing on Instagram
    How to create and design a Stories?
    There is no point in retelling the technical requirements from the Facebook help for business, but it is interesting to analyze the non-obvious points:
    Stories are for quick consumption, so bright, short, simple stories work well. Something more complex, where you need to dive carefully, it is better to send in posts.
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    When creating creatives, it is better to give preference to video and animation. In this case, it will be useful to make subtitles — for those who watch stories without sound. And you should also immediately consider where to place geotags, hashtags, mentions of other accounts.
    You should not use a lot of text in Stories, it will be difficult to read it in 15 seconds. And it is better not to place it on the edges, because it is easier to focus attention in the center. Plus, it’s important to choose a text color that won’t blend in with the background.
    Instagram stories are only part of Instagram content, and content is only part of Instagram marketing. To achieve maximum results, we need a comprehensive approach: strategy development, community management, promotion through bloggers and targeted advertising.

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