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    FastPay Casino Payment Methods
    Learning to play on different slot machines.
    When playing slots, it is important to understand the differences between them. This will help to effectively use different types of strategies. Let’s take an example. There are machines with free spins, during which the payouts increase by 2, 3 or more times. If a player uses a scheme with a gradual increase in the bet, you can get a large sum during free spins. In slot machines without prize functions, such a system will not bring results.
    There is a difference between slots with a risk game and without it. In the first version, the user can double the amount received. This function can be used if the spin has brought small payouts. In a risk game, it is important to withdraw money on time. The chances of winning it are 50-50.
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    Bonus features in the machines are associated with large winnings. Free spins, prize rounds bring more money than regular spins. Some slots have a feature that allows you not to expect the right game situation: combinations of special symbols and so on. The user can immediately activate the bonus for a separate bet. Before using such a function, it is important to determine whether the costs in this case will be greater than the possible gain.
    Study of pay tables and winning lines of slot machines.
    Before playing slots in a casino, you should find out the main information about the device. It is in the paytable. It exists in two types:
    The amounts are displayed in loans, taking into account the rate.
    Payout multipliers are shown.
    Many providers indicate in it the theoretical percentage of return. There is also a scheme of lines or ways of winning.

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