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    Chaturbate – watch live sex shows in video chat.
    Chaturbate: tips on the first stream.
    The promo period is given only once, so try to stream as often as possible during the first week, preferably from 6-8 hours a day. Yes, it’s a lot, but do you want to make good money on webcam?
    Do not hesitate to tell users that you are new and, perhaps, do not fully understand something. Some are very touched by inexperienced girls, and they specifically look for such on the site, while they have not yet become popular and have not starred. But don’t let anyone take advantage of the new status and deceive you.
    Visit the full review of the Chaturbate website and sign up for free.
    Launch at least one application to get started, for example, Tip multi-goal. The idea is that you set several consecutive goals: to dance-to take off the top-to take off the bottom and so on. Members must nip the number of tokens assigned by you to gain access to the next goal.
    Communicate with your voice more often, be responsive and try to get users to talk in public chat. A lot of people are trying to get the model into a conversation in PM in private messages and are ready to correspond there endlessly, but it will only hurt you. New viewers of the room are not interested in looking at a model who is silent and typing it is unclear to whom. If it comes to that, ask for a type of tokens for PM, say, 10-15.
    There are no avatars on Chaturbate, and on the main page users see freeze frames from the chat, so try to make each of your freeze frames interesting and attention-grabbing. No sitting in a mobile phone, a dull look and poor posture. Attention is attracted, as a rule, by something beautiful or unusual, for example, a non-standard pose, a bright appearance and interior, also a close-up face and an atypical angle.
    From the first day, make friends with chat visitors and work for the future. It is not so important to jump on private chats as to get acquainted with potential regulars, who will later regularly visit your profile and type.
    Is it worth going to private at all? Yes, there is often an increased interest in newcomers, and members want to “try out” an unfamiliar model, but this does not mean that at the end of the promo period they will return to it again. I would not recommend doing all the promos in private.
    Your task now is to gather as many viewers as possible, because they are the ones who will move you forward in the rating. A certain percentage of newcomers on the chat gets to the first page with thousands of people in the chat, but as soon as the model disappears in private, most users leave to watch another stream, and, accordingly, the chances of the model getting into the top decrease.

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