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    Australian Rules Football
    Australian football is an unusual sport, and the strategy for betting on it differs from the generally accepted ones. An experienced betterer, analyzing the upcoming game, first of all pays attention to the physical form of key players and the desire to show himself in front of the coach and fans.
    The second important point to pay attention to is the venue of the meeting. For many teams, the factor of their field only prevents them from demonstrating their capabilities and giving out a truly successful game. Look at the statistics of home matches — this is important.
    And more. Australians are very fond of national sports and are passionate fans of teams from their states, so they massively bet on them without thinking about the possibility of making a profit. Therefore, attentive betters can earn good money on not entirely objective coefficients.
    Aussie Rules Football FAQ https://pro-stats.com.au/aussie-rules-football-history-and-facts/
    Bets on Australian football are different from the usual ones, here are the main ones:
    On the results of the season (who will be the winner, and who will leave the top league).
    On the exact score of the meeting (you need to guess the interval in which the final result will get on the scoreboard).
    To compare the players: the betterer is offered a pair of football players (they can be from one or from rival teams), it is necessary to determine which of them will perform better in the upcoming match.
    On the best player at the end of the meeting.
    On the first and last goal (which team will score, the name of the athlete, time, foot or hand, etc.).

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