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    Australian are the pokies open today
    What determines the choice of skill-based slot machines?
    As we have already mentioned, slots are games that mainly depend on luck. You need to place a bet, spin the reels, and the random number generator G (RNG) will decide whether you won or lost. The only control available to you is to decide when to start and finish the game, and how much money you are willing to bet. You can also choose a high return-to-player (RTP) slot machine to boost your profits.
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    “It’s a good idea for slot machines to change their appearance in order to get a chance to interest the younger generation,” said Andrew Zarnett, an analyst at Deutsche Bank. The main reason casinos are introducing skill-based slot machines is to appeal to the millennial generation.
    Millennials grew up at a time when technology was on the rise, which means they can enjoy all the comforts and variety of gameplay at their fingertips with smart devices and the internet. The participants of the G2E exhibition tested an application for gambling, which has similarities to the Guitar Hero game.
    The company of International Gaming Technology demonstrated an electronic video version of modern pinball. Consequently, the millennial generation prefers casino games in which the level of knowledge, skills and participation affects the result. This modern generation of casino game enthusiasts no longer impresses with fancy graphics and thrill alone. Rather, they are looking at a more dynamic challenge with some level of control over the outcome, where skill-based slots come as an alternative.

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