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    A selection of multimedia editing software
    Video editing can be linear and nonlinear.
    Linear editing is most often carried out in real time, when the video signal comes from several sources at once: video recorders, cameras, etc. And the director of linear editing is engaged in switching between these very sources, which displays the final picture on the screen (what we see).
    A selection of multimedia editing software https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/965162/using-ue4-as-a-video-editor-tool-for-non-interacti.html?childToView=998443#answer-998443
    A vivid example of linear editing: live broadcast of a TV show or a sports match. What happens at this time: many cameras simultaneously shoot the same object, and the director simply switches between them so that you and I would be more interested in contemplating what is happening on the screen.
    Non-linear editing already presupposes the presence of some kind of footage.
    This video material is divided into certain segments, arranged as the plot requires (that is, in a certain sequence), combined with sound (we apply effects, etc.), and then we output it all into one whole file.

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